Csernátony Lukács László signing prints


Based in Budapest, Hungary, he is inspired and driven by science fiction, history, mythology,
folklore, futurology, heroism, superheroism and consumerism. Csernátony’s work is influenced
by the past, present, future and fiction at the same time, while based on his intercultural
experiences in different urban environments. His art is an interpretation through the impressions
from his hometown, and scholarship period in the Seoul Museum of Arts (SeMA), and more.

Petyka // REDU Gallery & Art Print

SZABÓ-LENCZ, Péter “Petyka”

Szabó-Lencz Péter, also known as Petyka, is a Hungarian abstract painter and visual artist, born and raised in Budapest. Being an urban artist from head to toe, Petyka draws inspiration from streets, textures, shapes, colours, music, harmony and most importantly, balance. His pure and clean artworks attract not only collectors’ attention, but also business clients’, such as Marriott Hotel (Budapest and Prague), Wyndham Grand Algarve in Portugal, and several mural festivals.
Tóth Balázs // REDU Gallery & Art Print

TÓTH, Balázs

Tóth Balázs established his art and paintings within the early 2000s graffiti scene. By the time the hectic nature of graffiti evolved into a sophisticated and more artistic approach, however, its shift still embraces the codes of original street style, too. He paints on canvas empty walls, trams, or bus stops – places that were also the base of his creative journey.
Verebics Ágnes // REDU Gallery & Art Print


„I’m amassing and re-thinking, rotating in the black tar, am I a freak..? … Too intimate, too
dangerous, too horrible, too funny, too ironic, too kitschy… horrors… latex, plate, shortness of
breath, virus, shedding genotype seams, ex-voto, magic, bee, greed, unscrupulousness… love
and jealousy, hairy gang, dominatrix, demonic, deviant, dilettante, deserter with loose soul,
female and formidable… female and beastly… gazes in boxes, paraphrases, poses, ecstasy…
Needy composite-being in suit closed in a black box, drawn-out faces… bear totem… jealousy.
dependency. responsibility, fear, emotion…”

Void Gergely portrait at REDU Gallery & Art Print Budapest


Muralist and street artist, working in the streets of Budapest. „Nowadays most of my paintings are overloaded with so much information that you can’t process it as a whole. You either overreact, or underestimate at first sight. If you are brave and curious enough to overcome the fear of your own emotions, and look into the details, you calm down, understand and recognize: – That’s a face, isn’t it? So cool!”